Ideas for future projects in the park

As part of the ongoing improvement plan for Harrow Rec, ideas are being sought by your committee to put forward to the Harrow Rec. Steering Group which decides on future projects. Funds have been set aside by the Council from recent successful planning applications in the town centre to contribute to enhancing park facilities, and this money will be spent in the next year or two.

Among the suggestions considered so far are another ‘green gym’ towards the Pinner Road end of the park, including perhaps more attractive facilities for young people.

There has also been a suggestion that the Sensory Garden should be redesigned (or even replaced by a Sensory Path) to reduce the opportunities for anti-social behaviour which the present layout encourages. Removal of the fences and hedges would make the area more open to general view, and changes to the seating layout could make it less of an attraction to drug users and traffickers. This is a small but worrying  ongoing problem which the Headstone South Safer Neighbourhoods Police Team have been addressing – with some success – over the years. However their efforts are impeded by the cover which the present planting arrangement provides.

Another regular suggestion from park users is a café. Whilst the present pavilion is not suitable for regular provision of catering services, there has been a suggestion that a mobile café could be parked during the summer to provide snacks and hot drinks.

Other parks have cafés and it would be a good way to test the demand for one in Harrow Recreation Ground.

What do you think?  If you have any views on the above ideas, or any other proposals which you think could improve Harrow Recreation Ground, please let any member of the committee know, or come along and talk to us at any of the summer events.

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