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Well, what a year it’s been! Since your park association started I’ve not known such an eventful twelve months, and we still have the Tree Dressing and A.G.M. to come on 1st December. On the downside, a few of our park friends and neighbours have passed away during the year and recently the wind proved too much for some of our trees.

The oak which came down near the cemetery was reputedly our oldest oak. Just for your information, the committee has put forward suggestions to the Council to 1) Leave the majority of the tree in place to encourage birds and insects; 2) evaluate the cost of making benches out of the broken pieces of trunk; and 3) plant another sapling to replace the lost tree. By the time this newsletter goes to print I expect most of the remedial work will have been done including removing the tree which fell in the back garden of one of our Roxborough Road members. They nearly had a morning chorus in their bedroom:Sometimes I think one can get too close to nature…
During the year we have had at least three visits from the air ambulance helicopter, ferrying victims of accidents and incidents to the appropriate hospitals. Great fun for the children, but not so much for the sufferers, though a speedy journey to hospital in the air ambulance is often a lifesaver. The balance thankfully was tilted heavily to the upside by our events.

This year has seen more activities in the Rec than ever before, arranged both by ourselves and other organisations such as St Luke’s Hospice, Community Games and the had farm animals in the park on Fun Day, thanks to Appreciating Animals. Fun Day was very successful with Laurie Mathias winning the mini-marathon, and the boys the tug o’war.

Also our final music event on 15th September furthered our attempts to bring jazz into the parks. But of course possibly our biggest event, having won the battle of the dog bins, was the successful defence of park gate locking. We collected 1,180 signatures for our petition and together with fellow park group friends and the Harrow Observer, we were ready to confront the Council. To our surprise, just before we were due to present the petition at the September Cabinet meeting, Councillor Asad Omar, Environment Portfolio Holder, announced that the Council had changed its mind and once again listened to the public. It was a shame they hadn’t listened before, wasting time and causing so much stress and worry. Anyway the crux of the matter is that we won, although in these days of financial constraint who knows when the next time will be for some more loin girding?

So thanks for all your support, not just for the petition and letters, but for the whole year. Where would we be without you? So have a happy festive season and I look forward to seeing you at the AGM on the 1st of December. Mic

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